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Hong Kong protest signProtesters marching in Hong Kong to fight an extradition law are singing a simple worship song as they face a hated tyrannical giant.

ICE arrest (new pic)After President Donald Trump received much criticism for delaying Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids scheduled Sunday, the federal agency revealed the real reason was because of leaks to the media, which exposed major operation details that put the safety of police and Border Patrol agents at great risk.

Selina SouleFemale teen athletes who were forced to be “tolerant” of stronger, faster males competing against them in track meets are fighting back.

Veritas Google Rpt 1An undercover video just released as part of a report on one of the largest technology companies in the world indicates the corporate Goliath is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.

Texas flagThe newest U.S. Census data shows the Hispanic population exploding in Texas but a longtime Republican leader says many of them have warmed to the GOP message.

Chinese Red Guards (B&W)China has a population problem of its own making that will grow worse as time marches on.

hands on prison barsA court appeal date has arrived in Pakistan for a Christian couple sentenced to die for blasphemy.

'It's Islam stupid!' signNations belonging to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other governments adhering to Shariah law across the world are ramping up their new campaign with the United Nations to prohibit all speech that Muslims consider offensive.

I Vote Pro-Life (woman holding sign)Maine voters will have a chance to overturn some of the work the state's legislature and governor accomplished in the latest session.

gavel with stethoscopeThe state of Indiana is clashing with the courts over the operation of an abortion clinic.

Trump and Putin shake hands (Helsinki)A national defense analyst doesn't believe anyone will be held accountable for the airliner that was shot down over Ukraine in 2014.

Biden shaking hands for Kamala HarrisWith the first Democratic debates drawing near, a conservative political scientist and presidential election analyst says no one among the 20-something Democratic presidential challengers is capable of beating Joe Biden for the nomination.

Auschwitz-Birkenau complex with Israeli flagsAn official from Poland – the location of the most notorious concentration camp (Auschwitz) – invited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to personally visit the Nazi facilities where many of the 6-million-plus Jews were exterminated as a result of her remark that detention centers along the United States southern border are “exactly” like them.

Alabama - Roy Moore speakingRoy Moore announced this week he will run for the U.S. Senate again and a political analyst says he has a good chance of winning if Republicans back him.

SBC messengers votingA controversial resolution passed in the closing moments of last week's annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention continues to roil discussion among members of America's largest Protestant denomination. Some are taking issue with the way it was passed – and some are saying it elevates dangerous Marxist theories above scripture.

NYC trafficNew York lawmakers are going against the will of their own citizens by giving drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens, warns an immigration watchdog.

WHO on gender dysphoria 350x350As expected, the World Health Organization has declassified gender identity disorder as a mental disorder – reporting that from now on it will be called "gender incongruence."

sex educationA California school district has come up with yet another effort to pervert the minds of young children, says a family advocate: "condom races" for 10- and 11-year-old female students. (Caution: This story contains graphic descriptions that may offend some.)

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For nearly 50 years Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana, has featured a live nativity scene as part of its annual Christmas show, which it calls the “Christmas Spectacular.” But this year, the ACLU and the atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation brought a lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed father and his son, a student at Concord, to block the part of the show recognizing the nativity of
President Obama’s Department of Education has ruled that “common sense and reason” are not allowed to guide decisions of alleged sexual harassment under Title IX. This should come as no surprise, because Title IX is completely unreasonable and void of common sense. Under President Obama, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has begun to investigate colleges that might not fit
Massachusetts passed a civil rights law which could put people of faith in jail for following their sincerely-held religious beliefs. The law criminalizes discrimination against certain protected classes in public places. One of the protected groups is transgender people. That means Massachusetts could put a pastor in jail for telling his congregation to only use the bathroom of their biological
Yesterday was an important day to celebrate our American heritage. We set aside one Thursday in November to remember the brave men and women who first came to this country seeking a better life. However, there are several lessons that can be learned from the day after Thanksgiving, which is known to most Americans as Black Friday. People who do not love America point to Black Friday as the
**Previously Record - From the Archives** Thanksgiving is a unique American religious holiday. The Thanksgiving Proclamation signed by President George Washington was the first official presidential proclamation ever issued by the United States. Here is a quote from George Washington’s Proclamation: “Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey
Obama administration officials are quick to defend the President’s refugee policy. They claim that it’s safe and that the vetting process is comprehensive. However, a leaked memo from the Department of Homeland Security tells a very different story. The memo said that “Refugee fraud is easy to commit, yet not easy to investigate because refugee laws purposefully contain relaxed evidentiary
The small country of Poland is making big leaps for the pro-life movement. A bill that passed the country’s parliament would ban abortions in all cases expect when the mother’s life was at risk. The bill has garnered tremendous support among Polish people of all backgrounds. The “Stop Abortion” citizens’ initiative has gathered 450,000 signatures from Polish citizens who want to see life prevail
“Word of mouth” marketing was the traditional way that good businesses attracted new customers and became more successful, before mass marketing became popular. Years ago, good service was rewarded by customer recommendations to others in favor of the business. That was the free market at its finest, based on actual reviews by genuine customers. Uber, the new way that millions are hitching
Harvard University is demanding that all clubs become gender-neutral by 2017, but with one big exception. All-women clubs are exempt from the new rule. All-male clubs will be forced to put women on their roles, which is a dream-come-true of the campus feminists. However, university administration is assuring women’s clubs like the Seneca Organization and the Women in Business club that they
University campuses all across the country are falling for the liberal trends of trigger warnings and safe spaces. These terrible idea have taken the country by storm, but some universities are not falling for the liberal lies. John Ellison, dean of students at the University of Chicago, sent a letter to incoming freshmen letting them know that they should not expect to be coddled on his campus.
The transgender issue is spreading to school districts across the country, leaving many parents outraged or out of the loop entirely. Parents of students in the Albuquerque school district were baffled to learn that administrators told teachers not to refer to students as boys and girls. The teachers were also told that they had to refer to students by whatever name and pronoun the student
Despite public outrage against Common Core in our schools, the powerful backers of this failed educational approach continue to inflict it upon us under other names. The multibillion-dollar Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded private organizations to push Common Core, and federal taxpayer dollars are used to coerce States to perpetuate this travesty. There is no public accountability
The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a cold winter for the continental United States beginning later this year. That is bad news for the millions of Americans who strain to pay their energy costs, but the good news is that energy prices have declined since 2014 thanks to expanded production and particularly the use of hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking”. Fracking consists of drilling
** Previously Recorded - From the Archives** Today is Veterans Day, a day when we honor the men who have served our country and to thank them for their service and sacrifice to defend us. This holiday was originally known as Armistice Day, was established to remember the 1918 signing of the Armistice Treaty and to honor the heroes of World War I. In 1921, Congress ordered the building a tomb
“Microaggressions” are the latest craze among liberal college professors and students. A microaggression is anything that people do or say that implies discrimination without intending to. The University of North Carolina has released a publication to tell their faculty what they can and cannot say in the classroom to avoid these microaggressions. Some of the phrases that they include may
The Obama administration has made it clearer than ever that they do not play by the rules. First, they signed the terrible Iran nuclear deal that promised 1.7 billion dollars to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Next they broke the long-standing rule of not giving money for hostages by trading 400 million dollars for 3 American prisoners. Now the Obama White House refuses to tell
*Previously Recorded - From the Archives*  Ronald Reagan said that God’s hand is on America in a very preferential way. We have inherited a wonderful land of liberty and prosperity, and I believe it's the personal duty of each of us to do what we can to safeguard our magnificent heritage. We have the right of self-government, a right very few people in the history of the world have ever enjoyed
The next president of the United States most likely will appoint three or four justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. Love it or hate it, judges are currently the ones setting the agenda for America, and by legislating from the bench, they are the chief architects of national life. This is not how the Founders intended our constitutional system to work, but it’s what we have now and will need to
America is a nation at war. Whether a president who sympathizes with Islam acknowledges it or not, a large chunk of the Muslim world is actively engaged in undermining our way of life or supporting jihadist organizations planning terrorist attacks on our soil. Across the Pacific Ocean, which used to be under the unchallenged command of the U.S. 7th Fleet, the Communist People’s Republic of
The movement of women (including mothers of young children) into the paid labor force is one of the noticeable social changes of the last 60 years. During this same period, the labor force participation of men in their prime working years has declined. The long-term trend toward more working women, and more women working full-time, is usually portrayed by the left as an advance for women.
As the presidential campaign enters the home stretch, who would have predicted that one of Donald Trump’s major proposals would be an ingenious plan to help mothers of young children? Instead of a weak echo of Democratic talking points, Trump’s pro-family policy for women and families offers a true contrast to Hillary Clinton’s tired feminism. To reassure us that Trump is on the right track,
*Previously Recorded - From the Archives* Ronald Reagan said that God’s hand is on America in a very preferential way. We have inherited a wonderful land of liberty and prosperity, and I believe it's the personal duty of each of us to do what we can to safeguard our magnificent heritage. Part of our heritage is that we have the right of self-government, a right few people in the history of the
The Wikileaks Podesta email include Building a Permanent Progressive Majority: Strategic Goals Create the conditions for a tidal wave against the right wing. Keep the President’s numbers down and brand all conservative candidates as “Bush Republicans.” Ensure that demographics is destiny. Control the political discourse. Set the stage for future
The Pledge of Allegiance is an important teaching tool for American young people. Reciting the pledge teaches children about some of the principles that make America great. The pledge teaches that we are a republic, not a democracy. It teaches that we are a nation under God. It teaches that we stand for the principles of liberty and justice for all. That’s why generations of American students
To the dismay of liberals, the percentage of women who are in the workforce has not increased in the last quarter century. In 1990, 57 percent of women aged 16 and older were in the workforce. Today, 57 percent of such women are in the workforce, and no more. This is a lower percentage than in many foreign countries. Women are staying at home in America by choice. The unemployment rate for

Tycoon philanthropists Charles and David Koch may endorse a conservative Republican candidate for president before the party’s nominating convention, but any such decision is six... Read More

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Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and likely presidential candidate Carly Fiorina criticized the Democratic Party’s platform of abortion on demand during a recent speech. Serving as... Read More

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Federalism at the state level is more often preached than practiced. For all the invocations of the 10th Amendment, state officials tend to act as vassals... Read More

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Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s nominee for attorney general, is one step closer to a confirmation vote in the Senate after lawmakers today reached an agreement... Read More

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News of America’s military men and women were wounded and killed in Iraq and Afghanistan almost overwhelmed me on some days. I may have sounded... Read More

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With less than 70 days before the Export-Import Bank’s charter expires, a coalition of groups has formed in opposition to the agency’s reauthorization. More than... Read More

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One week from today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about gay marriage. Here’s what you need to know. 1. There simply is nothing... Read More

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Aiden Hill’s introduction to the secretive culture at Covered California came in his first days on the job. He had just been hired to head... Read More

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On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The attack killed... Read More

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The Obama administration’s lawyer, Benjamin Mizer, the acting assistant attorney general of the Civil Division at the Justice Department, did not have an easy time... Read More

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At a school board meeting in Henrico County, Va., two months ago, a panel of school district officials and board members had been left speechless.... Read More

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The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit recently heard oral arguments in two cases challenging a signature aspect of President Obama’s... Read More

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For decades social science has found that there is an optimal family structure for a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical flourishing:  being raised in a... Read More

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Is a job a necessity or an opportunity? Earlier this month, Dylan Matthews provocatively challenged the bipartisan tradition of praising work. In Matthews’ view, work... Read More

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KYIV, Ukraine—At its training camp on the outskirts of Kyiv this past weekend, the Ukrainian National Guard Azov Regiment held its Spartan Test—a grueling three-hour... Read More

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California’s health insurance exchange, established under the Affordable Care Act, has been held out as a national model for Obamacare. In some ways—not all of... Read More

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The Supreme Court justices will be hard at work churning out decisions through the end of June, but April brings to a close oral arguments... Read More

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Professors, policy experts, and students of economics, politics, and philosophy gathered at the 40th annual conference of the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) to... Read More

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There was good news this month: private-sector job openings rose slightly in February, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Openings rose... Read More

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EAST ROCKAWAY, N.Y.—For Frances Healy, a 90-year-old widow known as “Muzzy,” home is just a tease. Muzzy lives so close to her gutted, molded home—an... Read More

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently appeared on one of the late night talk shows, beating the class warfare drum and arguing for billions of dollars in... Read More

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It’s been 20 years since we experienced the worst act of American home-grown terrorism at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This... Read More

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Modern, Internet-enabled aircraft may be susceptible to hacking, according to a new government report. “Modern aircraft are increasingly connected to the Internet,” warns the Government... Read More

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I had the privilege of serving as mayor in the small, Shenandoah Valley town where my wife and I raised our children. So, I am... Read More

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Sometimes the left unwittingly throws gems our way. These come in rare moments of exasperation, rather than the usual poise the left displays. The transformation... Read More

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On April 19, 1995, 168 people were killed and 680 injured in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City—leaving... Read More

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NASHUA, N.H.—Former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina said America is in need of leaders rather than managers during a speech at the First in the... Read More

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Last month Wisconsin made national headlines by becoming the 25th right-to-work state. But there’s another equally significant development in workers’ rights that has largely escaped... Read More

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